Hikvision launches AcuSense network cameras with strobe light and alarm
22 Apr

Hikvision launches AcuSense network cameras with strobe light and alarm

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative security products and solutions, has introduced new AcuSense network camera series to its EasyIP 4.0 security solutions. Featuring a strobe light and an audio alarm, the new cameras can immediately deter intruders from entering a prohibited site, further enhancing the safety of premises and property.

At the core: faster, more accurate intrusion detection
Importantly, Hikvision AcuSense network cameras build on the same cutting-edge intrusion detection functionality found within the existing Hikvision EasyIP 4.0 security solutions.

When a potential threat is detected by the camera, it uses its intelligent false alarm reduction technology to disregard irrelevant movements, such as rain, leaves and animals. Instead, the camera focuses on human or vehicle movement, dramatically reducing the number of false alarms for faster, more accurate intrusion detection.

An enhanced deterrent: strobe lighting and alarm
Once a potential intruder has been accurately detected, the AcuSense network camera triggers the built-in strobe light and audio alarm. This is designed to warn the intruder off before they attempt to breach the perimeter. The volume of the audio alarm and the brightness of the strobe light can be adjusted to suit the environment.

Reliable operation, day or night
The AcuSense network camera range can deliver this powerful intrusion detection and prevention at all times of day or night. Powered by Hikvision DarkFighter technology, all cameras in the range deliver superior surveillance images, even in ultra-low light.

Four products to suit different applications
The new AcuSense network cameras are available in bullet and turret styles, and in 2MP or 4MP resolution, making a total of four different camera options available.

Better service, greater peace of mind
Frank Zhang, General Manager of International Product Marketing Department at Hikvision says, “AcuSense technology is already cutting-edge. By adding the strobe light and the alarm, we can now give our customers the chance to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, for even better security. We’re delighted to be able to help our customers protect their property in ever more valuable ways.”

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